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Prestige PIC 3.1 V3 2000 Watts Induction Cooktop | Black

Heating Elements1
Power SourceElectric
Fuel TypeElectric

     Product Description

  • The Prestige PIC 3.1 V3 2000 Watts Induction Cooktop is a stylish and efficient addition to your kitchen, designed to make cooking a delightful experience. With its sleek black design and advanced features, it’s tailored to meet your cooking needs.
  • 2000 Watts Power: This induction cooktop offers a powerful 2000 watts of cooking power, enabling you to cook quickly and efficiently.
  • Automatic Whistle Counter: The automatic whistle counter feature helps you monitor your cooking progress, ensuring your recipes are perfectly timed.
  • Touch Panel Controls: The cooktop features a user-friendly touch panel for easy and precise temperature and time adjustments, making cooking a breeze.
  • Indian Menu Options: Specifically designed with Indian cooking in mind, this cooktop offers preset menu options for various Indian dishes, simplifying your cooking process.
  • Voltage Regulator: The built-in voltage regulator ensures stable and safe operation, protecting the appliance from voltage fluctuations.
  • Automatic Keep Warm Function: Keep your dishes warm and ready to serve with the automatic keep warm function, so your meals are at the perfect temperature when you’re ready to enjoy them.
  • Whether you’re preparing traditional Indian dishes or experimenting with global cuisine, the Prestige PIC 3.1 V3 2000 Watts Induction Cooktop is your reliable kitchen companion. I
  • ts combination of power, convenience, and specialized features makes cooking a joy, and its elegant design enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen.

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