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Livpure Glo UV, UV+UF Water Purifier for Home with 7 L Storage

Special FeatureUV, UF
Product Dimensions29.5L x 27.5W x 50.5H Centimeters
Package InformationDispenser
Installation TypeWall-Mounted

     Product Description

  • The Livpure Glo UV Water Purifier is designed to offer effective water purification and convenience for home use.
  • UV and UV+UF Technology: This water purifier employs UV (Ultraviolet) and UV+UF (Ultraviolet and Ultrafiltration) technologies to eliminate harmful microorganisms and impurities from the water, ensuring its safety and quality.
  • 7 L Storage Capacity: With a storage capacity of 7 liters, the purifier ensures a steady supply of purified water for your household requirements.
  • Suitable for Municipal Water: The purifier is well-suited for treating water from municipal sources. It is designed to handle water with certain levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) typically found in municipal water.
  • Not Suitable for Borewell or Tanker Water: It’s important to note that this purifier is not recommended for use with borewell or tanker water, which may contain higher TDS levels.

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