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Larah by Borosil Blue Eve Silk Series Opalware Dinner Set

BrandLarah by BOROSIL
Collection NameAll
Item Weight7450 Grams

     Product Description

  • The Larah by Borosil Blue Eve Silk Series Opalware Dinner Set is an exquisite and functional dining set that consists of 35 pieces.
  • Crafted to cater to a family of 6, this opalware dinner set seamlessly combines style and practicality. It’s a perfect choice for both daily dining and special occasions.
  • Designed in a serene white hue, this dinnerware set features the Blue Eve Silk Series design, adding an elegant touch to your dining table.
  • The opalware material used is not only visually appealing but also remarkably durable. It’s worth noting that this opalware is free from bone ash, making it a conscious choice for those who prefer bone-ash-free crockery.
  • The dinner set includes a comprehensive range of items, each tailored to meet different dining needs. The set typically comprises:
  • Dinner Plates: These larger plates are intended for serving the main course and provide ample space for a balanced meal.
  • Bowls: The set usually incorporates various sizes of bowls suitable for serving soups, salads, desserts, or sides.
  • Side Plates: Smaller plates designed for serving bread, appetizers, or accompaniments.
  • Additional Accessories: Depending on the set, you might find serving bowls, glasses, or other complementary pieces that enhance the dining experience.
  • One of the notable features of this dinner set is its practicality. The opalware material is both microwave and dishwasher safe, making reheating and cleaning up a breeze.
  • This set is not only designed for personal use but also makes for an impressive gift due to its aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • The Larah by Borosil Blue Eve Silk Series Opalware Dinner Set, with its graceful design and thoughtful features, elevates the dining experience.
  • Its bone-ash-free composition, along with microwave and dishwasher compatibility, adds to its charm, making it an excellent addition to any dining occasion or a delightful gift choice.

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