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Kutchina Flora Dlx 90 Chimney

Noise Level58 dB
Mounting TypeIsland Mount
Included ComponentsChimney

     Product Description

  • The Kutchina Flora Dlx 90 is a kitchen chimney with a 90 cm width and autoclean technology. It features a powerful 1200 suction capacity and is equipped with multi-speed wave sensor technology, making it an excellent choice as a kitchen chimney for home use.
  • The autoclean technology ensures that the chimney stays clean and free of oil and grease deposits. This helps in maintaining the efficiency and performance of the chimney over time, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.
  • With a suction capacity of 1200, the Kutchina Flora Dlx 90 is capable of effectively removing smoke, odors, and other airborne particles generated during cooking. This ensures a clean and fresh kitchen environment.
  • The multi-speed wave sensor technology allows for easy and convenient control of the chimney. It may have different speed settings that can be adjusted based on the cooking requirements, making it efficient and energy-saving.
  • The Kutchina Flora Dlx 90 is a highly suitable kitchen chimney for home use, offering advanced features and reliable performance to keep your kitchen clean and odor-free during cooking.

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