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Hirparag Plastic Dinner Set (Set of 36 Pcs)

Collection NameAll
Finish TypeGlossy

     Product Description

  • The Hirparag Plastic Dinner Set is a comprehensive collection designed to cater to your dining and serving needs. This set includes a variety of plastic tableware items, making it suitable for both kitchen and home use.
    The set includes:
  • 2 Serving Spoons
  • 6 Spoons
  • 2 Serving Bowls
  • 12 Small Bowls with 2 Lids
  • 6 Big Plates
  • 6 Small Plates
  • Crafted from plastic, this dinner set is designed to be lightweight and practical. The assortment of items provided ensures that you have the necessary pieces for serving and enjoying various meals.
  • The Hirparag Plastic Dinner Set offers convenience and versatility for your daily meals, family gatherings, and other occasions.
  • The set is designed to meet your dining needs while being easy to clean and maintain.

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