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Cello Opalware Divine Series Royal Amber Dinner Set

PatternDinnerware Set
Collection NameAll
Item Weight4900 Grams

     Product Description

  • The Cello Opalware Divine Series Royal Amber Dinner Set is a regal and exquisite collection comprising 33 carefully curated pieces.
  • Crafted to serve 6 individuals, this opal glass dinner set is a symbol of elegance and sophistication, making it a perfect choice for festive occasions and gatherings that demand a touch of grandeur.
  • Draped in a pristine white hue, the dinnerware set exudes an aura of refinement and luxury, ideal for elevating your dining table during special events.
  • The opal glass material utilized in the set not only boasts visual allure but also showcases impressive durability, ensuring that the set stands the test of time.
  • The comprehensive range of pieces in this dinner set includes:
  • Dinner Plates: These generously sized plates are thoughtfully designed to showcase the main course, offering ample space to present a lavish meal.
  • Bowls: An assortment of bowl sizes caters to various culinary delights, whether it’s soups, salads, desserts, or side dishes.
  • Additional Accessories: While the exact composition may vary, the set might also include accessories like serving bowls or plates, enhancing the overall presentation of the meal.
  • Designed with a focus on elegance and convenience, the Cello Opalware Divine Series Royal Amber Dinner Set is perfect for festive occasions and parties. Its opal glass material is well-suited for such gatherings, adding a touch of opulence to the table.
  • Whether it’s a celebratory feast or a grand event, this dinner set is crafted to meet the demands of special occasions.
  • The Cello Opalware Divine Series Royal Amber Dinner Set, distinguished by its elegant design and thoughtful curation, adds a touch of luxury to dining experiences.
  • The opal glass material, combined with its suitability for festive occasions, makes it a splendid addition to any celebration or gathering that calls for a sophisticated presentation.

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