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BLOWHOT Evana 60 Cm Chimney

Product Dimensions66D x 58W x 57H Centimeters
Special FeatureRegister yourself for the warranty and apply for Installation and get your installation kit, within 72hrs with installation.
Finish TypePainted

     Product Description

  • The BLOWHOT Evana 60 cm chimney is a powerful and advanced appliance designed for all modular kitchens. It boasts a high suction capacity of 1300 M3/H, ensuring efficient removal of smoke, odors, and airborne particles during cooking, Key features of the BLOWHOT Evana 60 cm chimney include:
  • Heat Auto Clean: The chimney is equipped with Heat Auto Clean technology, which helps in the automatic cleaning of the chimney. This feature reduces the hassle of manual cleaning and ensures the chimney stays clean and efficient.
  • Filterless Technology: The chimney utilizes filterless technology, which means it does not require traditional filters for capturing grease and other particulates. This makes maintenance easier as you won’t need to clean or replace filters frequently.
  • Digital Display: The chimney comes with a digital display that allows you to monitor and control various functions and settings, enhancing user convenience.
  • Feather Touch Control Panel: The control panel features feather touch buttons, making it easy to operate and giving the chimney a sleek and modern look.
  • Gesture Motion Sensor Feature: The chimney is equipped with a gesture motion sensor, enabling hands-free control. You can adjust settings or turn on/off the chimney with simple gestures, adding a touch of convenience to your cooking experience.
  • 2-LED Lights: The chimney is equipped with two LED lights, providing ample illumination over the cooking area for better visibility while cooking.
  • Warranty: The motor of the BLOWHOT Evana chimney is covered under a generous 7-year warranty, and there is a 1-year warranty on general parts, giving you peace of mind regarding the product’s durability and performance.
  • Free Installation Kit: The chimney comes with a free installation kit, making the setup process more straightforward and convenient.
  • The black color of the Evana S Bac Ms Chimney adds a modern and stylish touch to your kitchen decor.

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