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AXIOM Stainless Steel Golden Cutlery Set. 18 Pieces Luxurious Spoons & Forks

Number of Pieces18
MaterialStainless Steel
ColourChampagne Gold
Product Care InstructionsDishwasher Safe
Special FeatureDishwasher Safe

     Product Description

  • The AXIOM Stainless Steel Golden Cutlery Set is an exquisite collection of dining utensils that offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • This set includes 18 pieces of luxurious spoons and forks in a striking gold color, designed to enhance the experience of luxury dining.
  • 6 Dessert Spoons: These spoons are crafted for enjoying desserts and other sweet treats, adding a touch of elegance to your dining experience.
  • 6 Dessert Forks: The dessert forks are perfect for savoring bite-sized dessert portions with finesse and style.
  • 6 Tea Spoons: The tea spoons are designed for stirring and sipping tea or coffee gracefully.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: The cutlery set is made from stainless steel, which ensures durability, resistance to corrosion, and easy maintenance.
  • Gold Color Finish: The pieces are adorned with a luxurious gold color finish, creating a visually appealing and elegant presentation on the dining table.
  • 18-Piece Set: With a total of 18 pieces, including dessert spoons, dessert forks, and tea spoons, the set caters to various dining occasions and needs.
  • Luxurious Dining: The set is intended to elevate your dining experience, making it suitable for special occasions, gatherings, and moments of luxury.
  • Axiom Brand: Axiom is likely the brand associated with this cutlery set, known for offering quality dining utensils with attention to design and detail.
  • The “AXIOM Stainless Steel Golden Cutlery Set” offers a sophisticated and stylish way to enhance your dining table. The combination of stainless steel durability and the opulent gold
  • Color creates a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. Proper care, such as gentle washing and handling, can help maintain the set’s beauty and longevity over time.

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